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Where the magic of architecture and interior design comes together. A Service for Private Clients or High-End Developers...

Unlike our usual Interior Design services, where we work with "non-fixed” finishes such as furniture or soft finishes, for new build and renovation projects we work on the "fixed" aspects of the interior design.

Providing technical design, colour palettes, textiles, furniture placement, and material specification, we enhance the look and function of a space, and create an aesthetic within the build form that accentuates and is harmonious with the structure.  

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Space Planning

Internal & External Selections

Detailed Documentation


Does the bedroom have a large enough window to let in plenty of sunlight? Has enough wall space been created in your walk in wardrobe to allow for enough storage? Does the bathroom offer the most aesthetically pleasing and practical layout? These are just some examples of how we analyse your plans to optimise the use of available space, and create a functional layout that enhances the flow of movement, and makes the most of an area.


We select all the hard surfaces and materials. For example flooring, wall paneling, and paint, but also fireplaces, cabinetry, worktops, and even drawer handles. And to help you visualise the final aesthetic of your new space(s), we communicate the designs through mood boards, sections, and 3D perspectives.


To ensure the designs are delivered as intended, we provide a specification pack that documents all required details for your contractors. This includes, schedules, drawings, plans, models, and diagrams that illustrate the design concept, layout, dimensions, materials, finishes, furniture, fixtures, and equipment of an interior space.

Project Management

Many of our new build and renovation projects are supported by our project management service. This not only saves our clients time by streamlining the process, its actually an essential aspect of the build process to ensure projects are completed on time, and delivered with the impeccable execution we have become renowned for.

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