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How to Choose an Interior Designer

Interior Design means so much more than choosing colours and cushions.

Beautifying a space is one thing, however, an educated interior designers work also involves interior architecture, designing floor plans and elevations, determining where walls, doors and windows are are located, and how a space flows and functions.

We work closely with architects and structural engineers during the design phase of the project, and then continue during the construction through to completion by working along side the contractor and sub-contractors throughout the duration of the project.

Generally speaking the more technical the work, the more education and experience is required for the designer to be able to provide skilled service to the clients.

I often wonder how my clients choose to work with me, after all there are so many amazing designers out there to aspire to.

What makes ‘me’ different is something I challenge myself on often. 

So how do you choose an interior designer? 

Each designer will have their own way of working, and there is no wrong way, but choosing a designer you vibe with is maybe one of the most important things…

What’s important to me? 

1. Flexibility 

Yes at some point you have to commit and lock in the ideas but identifying and responding to design opportunities is crucial during the design development phase. 

2. I focus on the big picture as much as the details 

My clients come to me because they want me to solve a problem or unlock their design goals. It’s about finding solutions and refining the options to find the most suitable solutions. I balance the detail whilst still keeping you focussed on the big picture.

3. I want to get to know you

I want to figure out not only what you think you want but also what you need. Assessing your brief to get under the skin of what is good for the space, room or overall house. 

4. I give you confidence 

I’m part cheerleader part motivational coach! The ultimate goal is to achieve a truly personal space that’s perfect for how you live. 

5. I see into the future  

I get to know the needs of your family now and in the future helping you to design and organise your home life around who you are and how you like to live.

6. I consider how to improve your return on investment I make sure than any improvements are adequate to ensure a more effective home sale now or in the future

How soon should you instruct an Interior Designer for your project?

The short answer is as soon as possible. But it will depend on what services you specifically need help with. When new construction is involved, the sooner we are instructed, the better and more coordinated the end result will be. We can guide you through the process even if the bulk of the work is months out.

We have a unique skill set in blending form and function, offering solutions and ideas, seeing things that otherwise could be overlooked. For the best outcome of your project, it’s best to include us when your project is still on paper.

If you have a new build or remodel project coming up and appreciate the level of design we compete at Styled Home Design, get in touch. We can work with you to get the most out of your space.

lets work together to make your home the best it can be.


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"A lovely person, and the best in the business, it really is that simple!"
Ollie Drake, Drake Property & Developments
"Tash elevates properties to the next level. She has a wonderful style and eye for design"
Alex Babouris, Babouris Property Management
"Tash is so organised, it's been a very easy journey and a pleasure to work with her in my home."
Daisy Dowler, Private Client
"Tash is a lovely, warm, & thoughtful person to work with. She takes time to get under the skin of what her clients want, learning about who they are to help guide the design process."
Louise Border, Private Client
"Tash worked within my budget, so that I had the option of several products to work with that would all compliment each other. On top of this, Natasha has such a warm presence which made her so easy to work with and so comfortable to talk to"
Sophie Van leeuwen, Private Client
Tash completed a redesign across our home, working with some existing furniture we wanted to keep. The house feels so cosy & warm now, & I have some lovely pieces of furniture!
Natalie Saunders, Private Client
We can't thank Tash enough. Her eye for design, combined with her understanding of our needs and limitations was key. The first stage of our renovations have been received so well and we look forward to working with Tash again to complete phase two
John Rowell, The Anchor
I would highly recommend working with SHD, Tash has a fantastic eye for detail and creates stunning spaces with her unique designs to make your property stand out from the crowd. Tash's communication is brilliant, keeping you informed at every stage of the process!
Sam Carter, SJC Property Developments
We are a short term rental management company based in Cambridge, we needed fast property staging and room planning. Styled Home Design exceeded our expectations, the photography has resulted in a very profitable launch. Our guests love the design. Natasha was so easy to work with, she translated my ideas into amazing room designs. We will continue to work together
Nicky Brewin, Brewin Properties
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