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Tips for your new build home

We work with several high-end developers, and before construction even begins, we review layouts of existing plans, consider spatial planning, develop hard finsihes specifications, and produce schedules to not only save them time, but to add value and create stand out properties. 

Our considered approach means we design new build homes that stand out in the marketplace, with high-end specifications and fixed features that are practical, timeless, and have a cohesive aesthetic that will appeal to many. 

We’re experts at creating beautiful blank canvas for new homeowners to add their personality to. 

But here’s my top tips for anyone moving into a new build home…


Take your time with colour 

You’ve scanned Pinterest until your eyes can’t see straight anymore. You’ve created moodboard after moodboard and you’re ready to jump in and choose wall colours…

But, however tempting it may be to rush in to painting or wallpapering your new home, there are some reasons you should just hang on in there for a little while.

Firstly, during the first 12 months, your new home will still be dying out and settling from the construction process. So instead use this time to get a feel for the how the light shows up in different spaces and times of the day. Think about what colours may work where…For example you may want a light bright feel in one space during the day, and a moodier feel in a space used more in the evenings.

Finally, when you do get around to picking up the paint brush, make sure you apply a patch test first as the same shade can play tricks on you depending on the direction in which the room faces. North facing rooms tend to pick up a blueish light, and south facing rooms tend to pick up a warmer more golden light and this will impact the way a colour looks in the space.  


You’ve heard me say this before, but lighting has a huge impact on the way a space feels.

Most new builds now come with down lights as standard, but if like me, you will rarely use the “big lights.” Instead add accent lights within your room layouts. Use table and floor lamps to create a cosy, relaxed feel and to vary the mood.  

Play with colours and textures in soft furnishings and accessories 

Artwork, window dressings, vases, cushions, artificial flowers, and other accessories play a huge part in setting the tone of a space and are a great way to add instant colour and texture. Just make sure they all work together for a cohesive, uncluttered look.

I hope this helps...Enjoy making your new build a “home”, but drop me an email if you need anymore help!


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"A lovely person, and the best in the business, it really is that simple!"
Ollie Drake, Drake Property & Developments
"Tash elevates properties to the next level. She has a wonderful style and eye for design"
Alex Babouris, Babouris Property Management
"Tash is so organised, it's been a very easy journey and a pleasure to work with her in my home."
Daisy Dowler, Private Client
"Tash is a lovely, warm, & thoughtful person to work with. She takes time to get under the skin of what her clients want, learning about who they are to help guide the design process."
Louise Border, Private Client
"Tash worked within my budget, so that I had the option of several products to work with that would all compliment each other. On top of this, Natasha has such a warm presence which made her so easy to work with and so comfortable to talk to"
Sophie Van leeuwen, Private Client
Tash completed a redesign across our home, working with some existing furniture we wanted to keep. The house feels so cosy & warm now, & I have some lovely pieces of furniture!
Natalie Saunders, Private Client
We can't thank Tash enough. Her eye for design, combined with her understanding of our needs and limitations was key. The first stage of our renovations have been received so well and we look forward to working with Tash again to complete phase two
John Rowell, The Anchor
I would highly recommend working with SHD, Tash has a fantastic eye for detail and creates stunning spaces with her unique designs to make your property stand out from the crowd. Tash's communication is brilliant, keeping you informed at every stage of the process!
Sam Carter, SJC Property Developments
We are a short term rental management company based in Cambridge, we needed fast property staging and room planning. Styled Home Design exceeded our expectations, the photography has resulted in a very profitable launch. Our guests love the design. Natasha was so easy to work with, she translated my ideas into amazing room designs. We will continue to work together
Nicky Brewin, Brewin Properties
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