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Understanding Interior Architectural Drawings 

Creating a custom design and build home is an exciting, yet sometimes daunting experience. You will be presented with an abundance of detail and information, which may feel overwhelming, particularly if you are new to the process.

At Styled Home Design being able to communicate detail through architectural drawings illustrates designs effectively and facilitates the design and build process with clear instruction to your construction team.  

Project Ebury

The illustrations below are examples from Project Ebury. A 4-bedroom full renovation project for a Georgian townhouse in Chelsea, London.  

Our instruction included a Full- Service Interior Design package including an Architectural Design set, which included floor plans, electrical plans, elevations, joinery design, and perspectives. 

These drawings are pivotal to enable design exploration and aid decision making amongst the designer, clients, and construction team. Once finalised they act as a detailed roadmap to guide the build process.  

Floor Plans

A foundational drawing that provides a bird’s eye view of a space, its layout and spatial arrangement. Essentially it is an architectural map that illustrates the relationship between room, furniture, joinery, and doors. We use these floor plans as a primary tool for spatial organisation, they can include dimensions, labels, and annotations.  When designing floor plans, we like to consider what life is like inside the spaces we are creating and how people will use this space.  


Like floor plans elevations provide a flat 2D view of vertical planes. These drawings detail various architectural elements such as doors, windows, architectural features, fixtures, and materials. They will also include measurements, heights, and specific placements.  They offer a comprehensive understanding of a design’s aesthetics and appearance. When designing elevations, we explore available space and how best to manipulate vertical aspects of a room. 


Perspectives offer a 3D view of an interior space. These drawings provide a realistic representation of ow a design will look from a particular viewpoint. They incorporate depth, scale, and how the human eye perceives a space in real life. They allow us to example elements, textures, and lighting and are vital in conveying and communicating the ambiance, mood, and overall feel of a design.    

The Takeaway

Architectural drawings including floor plans, elevations, and perspectives, play a crucial role in guiding the direction of a custom home build project. 

Floor plans meticulously outline spatial layouts, elevations provide details of design elements, and perspectives provide immersive representations of the final structures. Overall, the complete drawing set ensures a comprehensive approach to the design and construction of a project. 

Working with a designer in the early stages of your project to create these architectural drawings will result in the best design and construction of your custom home ensuring all elements align with your needs and aesthetic preferences before the construction begins, giving you confidence to overcome any doubts. 

At Styled Home Design we dedicate a thorough amount of time, effort, and passion to every project we are part of as if it were our own home. 

Get in touch if you are about to embark on your own custom home journey to see how we can help to create the home of your dreams. 


Our projects range from full-service interior design for new build homes & renovations to curated furniture & styling projects.

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"A lovely person, and the best in the business, it really is that simple!"
Ollie Drake, Drake Property & Developments
"Tash elevates properties to the next level. She has a wonderful style and eye for design"
Alex Babouris, Babouris Property Management
"Tash is so organised, it's been a very easy journey and a pleasure to work with her in my home."
Daisy Dowler, Private Client
"Tash is a lovely, warm, & thoughtful person to work with. She takes time to get under the skin of what her clients want, learning about who they are to help guide the design process."
Louise Border, Private Client
"Tash worked within my budget, so that I had the option of several products to work with that would all compliment each other. On top of this, Natasha has such a warm presence which made her so easy to work with and so comfortable to talk to"
Sophie Van leeuwen, Private Client
Tash completed a redesign across our home, working with some existing furniture we wanted to keep. The house feels so cosy & warm now, & I have some lovely pieces of furniture!
Natalie Saunders, Private Client
We can't thank Tash enough. Her eye for design, combined with her understanding of our needs and limitations was key. The first stage of our renovations have been received so well and we look forward to working with Tash again to complete phase two
John Rowell, The Anchor
I would highly recommend working with SHD, Tash has a fantastic eye for detail and creates stunning spaces with her unique designs to make your property stand out from the crowd. Tash's communication is brilliant, keeping you informed at every stage of the process!
Sam Carter, SJC Property Developments
We are a short term rental management company based in Cambridge, we needed fast property staging and room planning. Styled Home Design exceeded our expectations, the photography has resulted in a very profitable launch. Our guests love the design. Natasha was so easy to work with, she translated my ideas into amazing room designs. We will continue to work together
Nicky Brewin, Brewin Properties
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