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A guide to our Full Service Interior Design Process

Our goal is to make each one of our clients feel at home in their living space. Through our personalised design process, we work to create homes that are unique, timeless, and reflective of the people who live in them.

Project Initiation Phase

The project initiation begins with a 15-minute suitability call. This call will determine if a Full Service Design solution is right for you, and if it is and you decide to procced we arrange to meet for a New Client Consultation.

Step 1: New Client Consultation 

We arrange an in person meeting to discuss logistics such as square footage, budget, project goals and needs.  Following our meeting we will be able to provide you with the project estimate proposal.

Step 2: Proposal/Design Kick off Meeting

At the design kick off meeting, we will discuss your lifestyle, style preferences, priorities, vision, and review any inspiration photos. 

Interior Design Development Phase

The interior design development phase is likely what you think of when you think about the interior design process. This phase includes storyboards that are used to visually communicate each room’s design.

Step 3: Interior Design Concepts and Material Selection

Next, we will go room by room and talk about interior design concepts you are imagining. With this information, we will present a storyboard for each room. During this step, we will also begin to select quality materials such flooring, and paint colours to elevate the design.

Step 4: 3D Interior Design Renderings

We will present interior design renderings of each room for you to clearly envision the final product. These renderings are drawn to scale to create a realistic-looking model. 

Design Documentation Phase

The design documentation phase is an essential part of the interior design process because it’s when all the plans are compiled into the Design Book.

Step 5: Floor Plans, CAD Elevations, and Ceiling Plans

During this phase, any custom floor plans, CAD elevations, and ceiling plans will be carefully drawn to include in the Design Book. CAD elevations are computer-generated drawings of rooms as viewed from standing in the room itself. 

Floorplans are like the blueprints to your custom home. They are drawn to scale and designed to show the relationship between different rooms in the house. Larger furniture pieces will be drawn to scale to see the organization of each space. 

Step 6: Showroom Viewings and Material Selection

Next, we will take you to view showrooms and select more materials for the interior design process. We will work with you to decide upon materials that you love and work in your price range.

Step 7: Design Book

All the design elements, materials selected, floor plan, 3D renderings, storyboards, and more will be compiled into the Design Book. We will spend time reviewing the final selections before the construction phase begins.

Construction Phase

So how does an interior designer fit into the construction process? An interior designer incorporates your lifestyle needs and aesthetic wants into the entire interior design process, including construction. We will share the plans we created with the builder to ensure your needs and desires are met.

Step 8: Builder Reviews Design

After you approve the Design Book, we will review the designs with the builder to ensure they have a perfect understanding of the project. The builder will see what changes you want to make to your home and how the interior design will fit into the process.

Step 9: Site Visits

Throughout the construction process, we will conduct site visits to check in on the builder and the home. This will ensure that construction is on track and that your needs and desires are being met. You can rest assured that we will keep the process running smoothly.

Furniture/Furnishings Development Phase

The furniture development phase is when we source the custom and unique furniture pieces that will fill your new home.

Step 10: Furniture Layouts/Sourcing

We will present final furniture layouts and decide the placement of pieces in your space. This step is where the design begins to feel complete. Through 3D renderings and storyboards, we can communicate what your space will look like at the end of this process.

Furniture/Furnishings Project Management Phase

Step 11: Order Placement, Inspection, and Installation

Once agreed upon, orders will be placed for furniture and decor pieces. Then, the furniture and furnishings will be installed in your home. We will stage each room to create a balanced and elevated look.

Step 12: Reveal and Walk-Through

Finally! The time has come for the big reveal of your new home design. The interior design process is complete. You will do a final walk-through of your newly furnished home!

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We can't thank Tash enough, her unique eye for design, combined with her understanding of our needs and limitations was key
John Rowell
Tash has a fantastic eye for detail and creates stunning spaces with her unique designs
Sam Carter
Styled Home Design have exceeded our expectations, our guests love the feel of our Airbnb property
Nicky Brewin


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