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Commercial Vs Residential Interior Design

Can a designer be good at both? With a good understanding of the fundamental design differences, I think so….

Understanding the difference between Commercial Vs Residential Interior Design is complex, but at the heart of them both is a space where functionality, practicality, and atmosphere comes together. Although the two types of spaces hold such different purposes, how they make people feel is just as relevant as the other.

As an interior designer there are multiple considerations when working on commercial projects. Cafes, pubs, hairdressers, or office, they all come with their own uses and therefore their own design requirements. Whereas residential projects however have more emotional investment, a person or family that spends most of their time there, so a design will be led by their choices or personal preferences.

Commercial Vs Residential Interior Design

Commercial Design

A well-considered commercial space is as important as that of the home, but for different reasons. Prioritising interior design choices in a commercial building can be the key to enticing and impressing new and existing customers. Selected interior design choices can play the same role as advertising – spending time in a beautiful setting is more than likely going to leave customers feeling satisfied and keen to return. 

Combining functionality and aesthetics when designing a space is no mean feat, working alongside an interior designer should result in a design that prioritises the purpose of your business space, as well as an understanding of what you find aesthetically beautiful. 

restoring duxford church - after - living room with hanging chair

Residential Design

A home should be a sanctuary where we spend most of our time, and escape from the outside world. Because of this, the choices we make in interior design can have a direct impact on our physical and mental wellbeing. It’s no surprise that how we design our homes, can directly impact how we feel when we spend time there.

This is why working on a residential design project is so different to that of commercial interior design. Instead of designing spaces in which functionality is at the forefront. when designing homes we consider personal taste, requirements, and feeling.

A home has many different purposes and functions, its where we tend to live, sleep, entertain and, in some cases work. Because of this, we have to make advised interior design choices, taking into consideration the purpose, room by room. 

So overall, residential, or commercial, interior design is a juggling act of aesthetics, functionality, and personal taste.

How I can help...

I work on many projects, both residential and commercial, with the person and purpose at the heart of each project. Whether it be a commercial or residential space you are interested in working on – let’s do it together!

Get in touch, I’d love to hear more about your project! 

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