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Do you need to hire an interior designer for your self build?

Building your own house is without doubt a complex process that requires precise planning at each stage. A close working relationship between client, Architect and Interior Designer will result in a home that works internally and externally.

Interiors and exteriors of your home are equally important for your comfort and happiness, so they both deserve identical attention. You’ve worked closely with your architect to implement your vision into the design of your home, but how do you begin to arrange the finishes inside your new home? 

It takes a lot of mental and emotional energy to create a dream home that you will love for years to come, anyone who takes on a self-build project will understand how much of yourself is invested into the project. And why wouldn’t you, it may well be the biggest investment of your life, or indeed your forever home.  

Put it that way and the idea of investing in an Interior Designer, who is a specialist at helping you bring the final vision of your home to life, doesn’t sound such a crazy idea. 

So, how can I help bring your self-build home vision to life and how can you benefit from working with me? Hire an interior designer for your self build

In comparison to an architect who creates the exterior and interior structure of a home, as an interior designer I specialise on the interior. I’m interested in space planning and every detail of the interior through to providing full sets of drawings and specifications to enable the contractors, joiners, and electricians to accurately price and carry out the work. I also handle the full design service to design, supply and coordinate the furniture, fittings, and equipment.

What are the benefits of working with me on your self build project?

The main benefit of working with me on your self-build is to avoid making expensive mistakes. Just as a good Architect can give you the house you have always wanted and worked hard to achieve. My approach begins by creating a very detailed brief of what my client is trying to achieve and what their aspirations are. I produce mood boards during the design process which are designed to capture the look and style of the interior we are considering helping you visualise the result. After I have presented these, I allow time for changes to the plan and the mood boards, this creates a dialogue on which to base our ongoing design process. 

When is the best time to get me involved?

As early as possible. The earlier I am instructed the more help I can be. Ideally for a Self-Build project once the Architect has an outline plan I can start work on the interior layout and begin the process of taking the brief and liaising with the Architect and other professionals involved. I often find that there are minor tweaks that need to be made to the overall layout of the building to accommodate all the client’s wishes and the placement of furniture. These are far easier to make whilst the building is still in the development stage. 

Most importantly of all, I know how much heart goes into projects such as this which is why I offer a highly personal service to ensure I’m at my client’s side throughout the process to get them to the result of their dream home after all the hard work! 

Let’s make your dream a reality together, enquire here 

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